Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 6: Kenpo Karate!

I was a whiny baby this morning and totally wanted to punk out and not do this workout. But, I knew I had to post my blog entry and I knew people would notice if I skipped a day so I got my sorry ass out of bed and did my workout.

Kenpo, yoga and plyo are the three non weight lifting workouts in this routine and I think people assume they're easy. Most definitely not. Do 10 minutes of plyo and you'll know how tough that is, I went into great detail about my thoughts on yoga on Wednesday. Kenpo is fun but it also kicks your ass. Your arms and legs begin to feel like lead weights and kicking/punching shadow people around you gets tough.

Tomorrow is my off day. I think I'll take Kara for a walk and might throw a football around for an hour or so. Some easy activities that won't be too taxing as I gear up for week 2!

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