Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 5: Legs and Back

Unfortunately I had some quit in me today. I'm being a little easy on myself since its the first week and these are hard workouts. Felt a little weak in the stomach, low on energy and light headed. Stopped the workout a few minutes early. Again I'm willing to let it slide this week but next week I expect to do all of the workouts 100%.

Kenpo karate tomorrow and then off day on Saturday. Jada wants me to do a triathlon with her in June. I'm strongly considering it. I would finish P90x in early May, so I would be in pretty good shape at that time and I would have 1 month to get ready for the triathlon, building swimming/biking/running endurance. Also it would give me something to work for... what do you think?


  1. Go for it. It's a lot easier to workout to prepare for something rather than workout for the sake of working out. Does that even make sense? It's been a long day...

  2. I say go for it Tim! It will be so helpful for you to have a goal after P90x, plus doing it with someone has always helped me when maintaining a routine. Very impressed with your balls in putting this process out there for everyone to see.

  3. Do it Tim! If you are healthy and strong enough for it, a triathlon is a great way to challenge yourself!