Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 12: Don't call it a comeback!

So yesterday sucked. I mention it again because in the past a bad workout like that has led to me taking more days off or quitting the workout all together. And honestly I was tempted. I had a terrible craving for some candy and soda yesterday, I didn't give in and I'm really glad I didn't today. I did have a couple of vitamin waters and some pork rinds as my unhealthy snack. Vitamin water has sugar and a bunch of calories in it, much less than soda so that's how I justified it. Pork rinds are full of sodium but low on fat and also have a good amount of protein in them, so that's how I justified that snack. Not the best of ideas but better than the candy bars and soda I was really craving.

This morning I had a friend coming over first thing in the morning to help me around the house, I normally work out first thing in the morning. Another convenient excuse I would have used in the past to not workout.

I am happy to say that not only did I work out but I had one of my best workouts to date. The leg and back portion went well, I managed to pull 5 chin ups on one set, my best so far. And when it came to the ab workout I whimpered and grunted and even groaned but I did my best to keep up. On the DVD they do 25 reps of each exercise, I did about 15-25 on each one. A big improvement, also did better at working to the burn and then pushing it a bit more to get a few more reps. Once the stomach would clench up and not move any more was when I'd have to stop though.

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  1. Good to hear buddy. Keep working hard and in a few months you'll be all set to keep up with the new baby!