Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 2: Plyometrics=jump training= puke?

Today did not go well at all! I definitely did not eat enough yesterday. I was so worried about eating right and not wanting to put fatty gross foods in my body that I didn't put enough good food in me either. I just felt drained doing the workout right from the start and had no go in me at all. I did close to 30 mins of the 60 min workout and feel absolutely destroyed. I'm drinking a protein/muscle recovery drink and eating a banana as we speak to try to refuel a little better for tomorrow. Feeling super light headed, going to shower and laze about for a little while before I drive down to Kenosha to attend a Valentine's party for the 1st graders I student taught.
(Kenosha showed up in the spell check by the way, I love that I grew up in a city that is considered a fable by most!)

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