Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 16: Plyo

Day 16 is supposed to be plyo, but right now it's looking like it's going to be moving all of my furniture out of the living room and two bedrooms. Getting the wood floors refinished over the next three days and I need to have everything cleared out. Spent a couple hours this morning already running up and down stairs storing items in the basement and attic. When my brother gets here we're going to move the big things, couch, tv stand, dressers in the bedroom and the bed set. That might be my workout for the day, unless I decide later that I can do more. Right now I'm already feeling pooped though.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 3(Day 15): Chest and Back round 3.

I have had my ass kicked by quite a few workouts during the past 2 weeks. Today I got my ass kicked again, but it wasn't the workout that kicked my ass it was me. I pushed myself hard today, did way more push-ups and pull-ups than I ever had. I was exhausted when the workout was done. One problem, I still had ab ripper to do. I didn't have a good ab workout physically as far as number of exercises done, but it was a really good workout mentally. I was mentally and physically spent and had problems even sitting up let alone doing core work. I wanted to quit so many times, but I didn't which I'm very happy about. I kept trying to get up and do more and took breaks as needed.

A great workout today!

Day 14: OFF DAY!!!!

Day 14 was yesterday, Saturday. I had wanted to do some light cardio. The amount of tightness and weakness in my calves and rear end that I was still experiencing from my leg workout Thursday kind of surprised me. Also I think I broke my foot on Thanksgiving day playing football, it got stepped on a couple of times and was all black and blue. After my Kenpo workout on Friday I felt pain in my foot again in the same spot. It feels like there is a line going right down the middle of my foot. Won't be a problem today for chest and back and I'll see how it holds up for plyo tomorrow.

I'm off to do todays workout right now!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 13: Kenpo, Hai!

Another day another workout in the books. I've done the first two weeks, and more importantly I haven't touched soda in that time. I'm not sure which is the bigger accomplishment for me.

Kenpo went well today, did it after Matt and I finished hanging some shelves at my house. 10 to 3 in the PM and I've already gotten house work done and done a workout. I'm so good at this game.

Tons of imaginary dudes got punched and/or kicked today!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 12: Don't call it a comeback!

So yesterday sucked. I mention it again because in the past a bad workout like that has led to me taking more days off or quitting the workout all together. And honestly I was tempted. I had a terrible craving for some candy and soda yesterday, I didn't give in and I'm really glad I didn't today. I did have a couple of vitamin waters and some pork rinds as my unhealthy snack. Vitamin water has sugar and a bunch of calories in it, much less than soda so that's how I justified it. Pork rinds are full of sodium but low on fat and also have a good amount of protein in them, so that's how I justified that snack. Not the best of ideas but better than the candy bars and soda I was really craving.

This morning I had a friend coming over first thing in the morning to help me around the house, I normally work out first thing in the morning. Another convenient excuse I would have used in the past to not workout.

I am happy to say that not only did I work out but I had one of my best workouts to date. The leg and back portion went well, I managed to pull 5 chin ups on one set, my best so far. And when it came to the ab workout I whimpered and grunted and even groaned but I did my best to keep up. On the DVD they do 25 reps of each exercise, I did about 15-25 on each one. A big improvement, also did better at working to the burn and then pushing it a bit more to get a few more reps. Once the stomach would clench up and not move any more was when I'd have to stop though.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bleh day.

I've really been feeling beat up mentally/physically and emotionally the last week or so. Stress in my life is making it hard to start workouts or do work around the house. Other days my workout is a great way to relieve my stress, pumping weight or push-ups don't take too much mental strength. Yoga however takes a lot of mental strength to do, with all the distractions in my life right now my workout was going very poorly and I couldn't focus. I decided to stop part way through, I'm going to take the day to rest my body some. To make up for it I will make sure I do something on my next off day on Saturday, either a long walk with the dog or a nice jog, something that wont beat my body up but will get my heart rate up a bit.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 10: Shoulders/Bi/Tri!

My best workout so far by a long shot. I moved up some weights, particularly on the shoulder exercises. I did the bonus moves, all of them. And I pushed it on the ab workout.

On the abs I'm doing a good job of working to the burn, I need to start pushing through it more. It's hard to do when you're all alone working out in your basement. I'm developing mental strength to go with my physical strength, just need to develop a bit more 'want to' so I can really get some results!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Plyo: 2 - Tim:0

Plyo kicked my ass again! It's called the mother of all P90x routines for a reason I guess. Modify, modify, modify... that was the name of my game today. I got through the whole routine with some modifications and tried the bonus round. I was just too spent to finish the bonus routine.

Getting that endorphin high right now, hopefully that can fuel me through the shoveling of snow/slush/ice-crap that I have to get off my walk. Living on a corner lot rocks!

Oh yeah... protein drink like crack right now.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 8: Round 2... Start!

I kicked every bit of ass I wanted to on the chest/back portion of the workout. I took mini set breaks and really pushed for more reps of every exercise. Pull ups are still hard, I'm only able to get 2 or 3 pullups w/out using a chair for help. I'm really working on modifying the exercises less and less, which is making them harder on myself but is going to help me get the best results.

My ab workout was not as good, my body was physically exhausted from doing the other portion of the workout so hard. As I get stronger I'll be able to perform better on all parts of the workouts.

Push ups alone aren't hard enough for me, I need to have a Husky attack me while I work out... that's how ninjas do it!

Now to enjoy my protein drink and my H2O!

Day 7: Off Day!

Saturday was my off day and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Still some lingering aches from the first week of workouts, including my booty. Today I'm starting Week 2, same workouts as last week. This week it's all about pushing it and seeing what I can do!

I'm off to do Day 8.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 6: Kenpo Karate!

I was a whiny baby this morning and totally wanted to punk out and not do this workout. But, I knew I had to post my blog entry and I knew people would notice if I skipped a day so I got my sorry ass out of bed and did my workout.

Kenpo, yoga and plyo are the three non weight lifting workouts in this routine and I think people assume they're easy. Most definitely not. Do 10 minutes of plyo and you'll know how tough that is, I went into great detail about my thoughts on yoga on Wednesday. Kenpo is fun but it also kicks your ass. Your arms and legs begin to feel like lead weights and kicking/punching shadow people around you gets tough.

Tomorrow is my off day. I think I'll take Kara for a walk and might throw a football around for an hour or so. Some easy activities that won't be too taxing as I gear up for week 2!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 5: Legs and Back

Unfortunately I had some quit in me today. I'm being a little easy on myself since its the first week and these are hard workouts. Felt a little weak in the stomach, low on energy and light headed. Stopped the workout a few minutes early. Again I'm willing to let it slide this week but next week I expect to do all of the workouts 100%.

Kenpo karate tomorrow and then off day on Saturday. Jada wants me to do a triathlon with her in June. I'm strongly considering it. I would finish P90x in early May, so I would be in pretty good shape at that time and I would have 1 month to get ready for the triathlon, building swimming/biking/running endurance. Also it would give me something to work for... what do you think?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 4: Wednesdays are Yoga days.

Anyone who tells you yoga isn't hard or that it doesn't work their body is a liar or hasn't done it. I think it has this misconception as a woman's workout, but let me tell you of all the workouts I do for P90x yoga is by far the hardest. It takes a lot of physical strength as well as flexibility and it takes mental strength more so than the other things. I find myself wanting to come out of moves or stop early in yoga all the time, doing yoga will make you physically and mentally stronger as well as more flexible.

Don't knock it until you try it.

That being said yoga has once again kicked my ass, a ton of room for improvement next week.

Also I've been super gassy all morning, I think the change in diet may be catching up to my body, internally at least.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 3: Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps

Worked on those guns today! Need to have some ripped arms so I can walk around in sleeveless shirts all day and flex as I point to things.

"The library is that way ladies!"

Had a ton more energy today... although I'm feeling a little light headed and woozy today. Gotta drink my protein drink that according to the label helps to rebuild muscles.

Also did abs today, I do them every day there is lifting, Ab Ripper makes me cry a little bit. Wasn't able to finish the ab portion today, I'll try to do better on Thursday. Tomorrow is by far the hardest workout day of the week. YOGA. That shit is hard.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 2: Plyometrics=jump training= puke?

Today did not go well at all! I definitely did not eat enough yesterday. I was so worried about eating right and not wanting to put fatty gross foods in my body that I didn't put enough good food in me either. I just felt drained doing the workout right from the start and had no go in me at all. I did close to 30 mins of the 60 min workout and feel absolutely destroyed. I'm drinking a protein/muscle recovery drink and eating a banana as we speak to try to refuel a little better for tomorrow. Feeling super light headed, going to shower and laze about for a little while before I drive down to Kenosha to attend a Valentine's party for the 1st graders I student taught.
(Kenosha showed up in the spell check by the way, I love that I grew up in a city that is considered a fable by most!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 1 in the books!

I wanna puke! That first day is sooooooo hard. Every time I've done day 1 of P90x I've been unprepared for just how much it drains you.

Here is some evidence of part 2 of getting into better shape... fixing the diet. My struggles with soda are the thing of legend and I am going to once again try to kick the habit!

It's like pouring out liquid gold!!

A chubby, flabby, pasty me.

As the name of the blog would imply, Ninjas aren't fat. Unfortunately I am. Starting today that is going to change. I have just under three months until my daughter is born and I need to get myself in much better shape.

Making the changes necessary is easy enough, starting a workout regimen, changing the diet, all of that is easy to start. Its hard to finish. Day 1 of P90x is today, Day 30 will be March 14th, Day 60 will be April 13th and Day 90 will be May 13th. On each of these days I will post new pictures and new weights.

Yes, including today. That means I have to post some upsettingly large weight number and pictures of a chubby, flabby, pasty me.

I'm hoping my friends will follow this blog and keep up to date with how I'm progressing, I need that fear of ridicule should I fail to motivate me to do my workouts everyday!

First bit of good news! I got a nice surprise when I weighted myself the first time. After the holidays I topped out at 209 lbs. I did some working out and made some diet changes for a while and lost 12 lbs, getting back down to 197! I expected that since I hadn't worked out in nearly a month and had been eating like a human garbage disposal I would have gained some more weight and be back in the 200's, but I'm still at 197!

Starting weight: 197 lbs.
Goal Weight: At 5'8'' ideal weight is 125-158lbs. Anything over 158 being overweight. I don't want to be overweight anymore so my goal is to get under 158lbs.

And here are the pictures. Hide the children and don't eat at least 20 minutes before viewing these images. I'm fat and pasty (it's winter in Wisconsin of course I'm pasty!).

You've been warned...