Sunday, February 13, 2011

A chubby, flabby, pasty me.

As the name of the blog would imply, Ninjas aren't fat. Unfortunately I am. Starting today that is going to change. I have just under three months until my daughter is born and I need to get myself in much better shape.

Making the changes necessary is easy enough, starting a workout regimen, changing the diet, all of that is easy to start. Its hard to finish. Day 1 of P90x is today, Day 30 will be March 14th, Day 60 will be April 13th and Day 90 will be May 13th. On each of these days I will post new pictures and new weights.

Yes, including today. That means I have to post some upsettingly large weight number and pictures of a chubby, flabby, pasty me.

I'm hoping my friends will follow this blog and keep up to date with how I'm progressing, I need that fear of ridicule should I fail to motivate me to do my workouts everyday!

First bit of good news! I got a nice surprise when I weighted myself the first time. After the holidays I topped out at 209 lbs. I did some working out and made some diet changes for a while and lost 12 lbs, getting back down to 197! I expected that since I hadn't worked out in nearly a month and had been eating like a human garbage disposal I would have gained some more weight and be back in the 200's, but I'm still at 197!

Starting weight: 197 lbs.
Goal Weight: At 5'8'' ideal weight is 125-158lbs. Anything over 158 being overweight. I don't want to be overweight anymore so my goal is to get under 158lbs.

And here are the pictures. Hide the children and don't eat at least 20 minutes before viewing these images. I'm fat and pasty (it's winter in Wisconsin of course I'm pasty!).

You've been warned...

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  1. I too will be doing P90X again so I'll have some semblance of a regular routine. While I won't hijack your blog with my inane thoughts, just know that I'm lurking. Consider the gauntlet thrown down...