Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tough day!

I wasn't feeling well and did not workout yesterday. I still haven't had a significant bowel movement since I did that fruit fast over the weekend. I've forced out some little poos but I haven't had that "have to go" sensation yet. Which seems totally backward to me. I figured I'd have explosive diarrhea, or be "throwing mud" as my friend Jason calls it. I almost had myself talked out of doing today's workout as well, but I gave myself a virtual slap in the ass and got down stairs and did it.

Today's workout was bicep and back, so a lot of curls and pull ups. The way it targeted the biceps was really tough for me. I was struggling to get up any weight near the end, particularly with my left arm. The ab workout went really well though, I'm getting closer and closer to doing all of the moves in the workout. Now to enjoy a turkey sandwich on whole grain wheat bread w/ some lettuce and tomato and maybe some tomato soup as well.

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